Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Testament of a Fisherman

Robert Travers "Testament of a Fisherman" has had a profound effect on my angling life. If I were a good writer, this is EXACTLY how I would have described what fishing means to me. 
A few days ago I was reading a blog that broke down "Testament" line by line, and pointed out how alot of Traver's masterpiece does not apply to todays world.  I have spent most of the past several days depressed. If these words no longer hold true; What's the point? Have I spent the last 25 years disillusioned?

Then I realized something.  Though times have certainly changed since 1964, and yes there are telephones on trout water, there are in fact some ugly places in this world that trout live, or even thrive, I have the choice to fish in the world that Traver describes. I can choose to fish in only beautiful places. I can spend less time doing things I hate. I can make damn sure there is never a cell phone in my canoe. I will always drink my bourbon out of an old tin cup. I feel better now.

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